Tirgan Festival is world’s largest celebration of Iranian arts and culture, taking place at the Harbourfront Centre of Toronto, Canada. We had the pleasure of developing Tirgan’s websites, maintaining them and providing support for all IT related requirements of festival since 2011.

The Challenge

For Tirgan 2017 we decided to revamp the organization’s entire website and mobile application. Having worked before with Tirgan on their website and app gave us a running start and an intimate understanding of the requirements.
Backend/CMS of the website had to be changed and simplified for data entry and maintenance for multiple editors working on it. Also, with rapid increase in the number of website visitors on mobile devices, we had to rethink the structure and user experience of looking for festival information, events, announcements etc.


As with any CMS build, updating and managing the content is key. We leveraged WordPress to build a custom scheduling and backend experience that allows any Tirgan team member to easily add new events, artists, and any other entries within minutes. Although highly technical, it’s built with the end user in mind.
As mobile audiences of the Tirgan website increased rapidly over the years, we focused on high-quality mobile experience first and redesigned website informed by an extensive UI/UX discovery and built on the latest web development technology.

Mobile App

Custom API for the website was developed and used in the new mobile app to keep it synced with the latest changes and additions of the festival. For Tirgan 2017 we decided to develop a hybrid app which could be used on both iOS and Android devices and be accessible with no internet connection.